In the recent story of the subway worker who was burned after an accident on the job when he caught on fire after an electrical mishap, there is proof positive that the reaction of the man’s co-worker helped save his life. The co-worker reacted immediately, calling for help when she witnessed her co-worker catch fire.

Not all situations have such an outcome, especially when employees are not properly trained how to handle different scenarios that can spring up on the job. Many industries including construction involve dangerous work that can lead to accidents that prove to be severe and even deadly to workers. It is often the co-workers who are closest to the situation at hand and critical to the outcome of the accident. They are working alongside those who may be injured and need to know what to do and how to stay in control of the situation.

While many people have the human nature to want to do whatever is necessary to help, many people will freeze up when something goes wrong and end up wasting time or not following protocol simply because they don’t know what to do. For this reason, safety training and education provided routinely is critical to all workers’ safety on the job.

Working with employees through actual scenarios can help take the edge of the situation. It can help teach people how to react and provide assistance rather than becoming immobilized by fear if something goes wrong on the job site. It is also important for workers to know how to communicate together so reaction can be efficient and effective instead of turning chaotic.
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