An accident at a church in Manhattan shows again the dangers of working in construction. The 33 year old worker plunged to his death while trying to set up a safety system for the co-workers on the restoration site.

The investigation has not yet revealed exactly what caused the construction accident but reports of electrocution while working on a ladder was pinpointed to be one possibility. It was also speculated that the victim simply lost his footing and fell nearly six stories to his death.

It’s interesting to note that there appeared to be a lack of safety gear in place for those in charge of setting up safety structures. Since the man fell so far down into the main aisle of the church, there was obviously not safety ropes or nets protecting his activities on the job site. He died at the scene of the accident. While no one else was injured during the accident, it isn’t always the case. Those on the ground have just as many dangers as those working in the sky.

Falling from great heights has proven fatal for many construction workers who must work on ladders, scaffolding, and roofs to fulfill their jobs. Without the safety ropes to prevent long-distance falls, workers rarely walk away let alone survive such falls. Plus, employees who lose their balance or footing without a safety net are putting those on the ground at risk too. Falling equipment or human workers are deadly to those on the ground below.

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