The building in Chinatown that exploded and partially collapsed had previous violations issued against it for a potential to collapse. While investigators have not yet confirmed what happen to cause the explosion, investigators with the Department of Buildings had issued violations in the past for a failure to maintain the property.

The Chinatown building was home to a hair salon on the ground floor but residences were in the upper floors of the building. A total of twelve people were injured in the blast due to burns and inhalation of smoke but it was not immediately clear whether the injured parties were tenants or not. There were four NY firefighters injured on the job while battling the blaze and trying to attempt rescue of the building’s residents.

It is important for residents in buildings like the one in Chinatown to keep up with the issues that are apparently unsafe and report their findings to their landlord. If nothing is done to improve or maintain building safety, it may be in your best interest to report issues to the Department of Buildings for your own safety and the safety of your neighbors.

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