The recent building collapse in the Bronx that killed one worker and injured another happened within seconds. The men were using a jackhammer near columns in the building when the second floor collapsed on them. The surviving worker said the collapse happened in seconds and he barely had time to escape.

The incident highlights the need for attention and alertness on the job, especially in hard labor jobs like construction. Accidents can literally happen in seconds and change the lives of those involved. In some cases, these accidents can take the life of friends and coworkers without any warning.

While there are no official investigation results available yet, it can cause wonder as to what construction safety measures were in place to keep the collapse from occurring. Workers were digging up the cement floor on an old building. The building owner had already been cited for violating ordinances about the pool hall on the second floor. There was no word on who employed the construction workers.

Construction jobs as well as many other industry jobs involve daily tasks that are often dangerous in nature. For this reason it is important that employers’ offer updated and frequent training to cover all aspects of the dangers workers face. Training seminars dealing with safety gear, safe working environments, co-worker communication, and even rescue protocol should something go wrong must be dealt with for all workers.

While one worker did survive the collapse, he was a witness to the ceiling collapsing on his friend and co-worker. This is another consideration of employers for worker safety. In the event something does happen, there should be established resources to offer counseling and grief assistance to help surviving workers cope.


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