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What Should I Do After A Work Related Accident In New York?

Every day, workers in New York are injured on the job due to accidents in the workplace. When severely injured, many soon find that their medical expenses and lost wages have left them financially suffering on top of their physical pain.

Fortunately, New York workers who become injured in a work related accident are entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits to help pay for these unexpected costs. Sadly, many workers are unable to obtain compensation because they do not know what to do or where to turn for help following their accident.Stetoscope and medical files

Understanding what your rights are after a work-related injury can help improve your chances of obtaining any workers’ compensation or other benefits that you may be entitled to.

In this article we discuss three basic steps you can take so that you can protect yourself physically and financially after an injury on the job.

Three Steps To Take After A Work Accident 

Employers are responsible for creating a safe work environment for their employees. Work accidents can happen in any industry, at any time. There are several steps that every injured employee should take after being hurt:

1. Obtain Medical Aid

You should always seek medical attention as soon as possible after being injured. Even if you don’t think that your injuries are that serious, it’s important to get a doctors opinion. 

Many workers skip this step because they do not consider their injuries to be severe enough to warrant medical care. However, you should visit a doctor no matter how insignificant you believe your injury may be. Many injuries are masked by other symptoms and if not immediately diagnosed can turn into an even more serious problem. 

In order to be eligible for workers’ compensation, the health care provider that you see must be authorized by the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Be sure to request a copy of any relevant documents from your visit to the doctor such as prescriptions, medical examinations, doctors notes, and medical bills.

2. Notify Your Employer of Your Injuries

It’s also important to notify your employer or supervisor about the fact that you were involved in a work-related accident and suffered an injury on the job. You must formally notify your employer in writing within 30 days after the date of your accident in order to be eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

3. File A Workers’ Comp Application

If your injury causes you to suffer from expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, or other financial losses, then you may be entitled to workers’ compensation.

After notifying your employer of your accident, you should file a claim for workers’ compensation on Form C-3 and mail it to the nearest office of the Workers’ Compensation Board.

Injured workers typically have two years from the date of the injury to file a claim for workers’ compensation, however it is always best to do this as soon as possible.

Do You Need Help Filing A Workers’ Compensation Application?

Filing a Workers’ Compensation claim can be difficult and mistakes are common. Unfortunately, mistakes during the application process can lead injured workers to miss out on compensation that they may be owed.

Our firm understands how frustrating this process can be. Our lawyers help injured workers throughout New York obtain the compensation that they may be entitled to after a work accident. We offer free consultations to everyone, whether or not you choose to hire us as legal counsel. Contact us today to speak with a friendly attorney about your eligibility for Workers’ Compensation or other benefits after an injury.Infographic - How To Protect Yourself After A Work Accident




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