Worker’s compensation fraud is not uncommon but what you know can hurt you too. Oftentimes, co-workers will know that an on the job injury  of another is not exactly what it seems. Many co-workers will not blow the whistle on someone they like simply due to the code of friendship.

But what you know about another’s workers compensation fraud can be hazardous to your job. It can be difficult to stand up and report fraudulent claims to your supervisors but if you don’t, you can end up losing your job too.

Companies fork over hundreds of thousands of dollars in workers compensation claims that turn out to be false. The more money companies lose, the more likely they are to start downsizing, risking the jobs of all other staff.

Check out your company’s policy on reporting workers compensation fraud. It is advisable that you have solid evidence of the fraud rather than just going off hearsay of others. Supervisors should be notified of the possibility of fraud by another co-worker and management will need to go through the protocol of investigating your claims.

If you sit quiet while another collects money they are not entitled to, you could face the potential consequences in the short and long term, resulting in the loss of your job. If management finds out co-workers were aware of the fraud being committed, those in the know may also be terminated for not telling.

Don’t let someone else’s disobedience of the law affect your life. Know what you need to do if you suspect worker’s compensation fraud. Confidentiality should be protected on the part of the employer and you will not have to carry around the burden or the stress of someone else’s fraud.