This post, which will go over the history of the automobile and auto body shops in the neighborhood, has been shared by the East Harlem workers’ compensation lawyers at The Disability Guys.

The Invention Of The Engine

In 1606, a man named Jeronimo de Ayanz patented an engine that ran on steam for the purpose of pumping water out of mines. This engine did not have pistons or cylinders and was very weak but it inspired other inventors to improve upon this design.

Over the next several hundred years, several engines were built and used for pumping water out of mines. Most of these engines were steam-powered. Then, in 1879, a German man named Karl Benz designed, built, and patented a gasoline engine. A few years later, in 1886, Benz received a patent for a three-wheeled vehicle that he had also designed and built. This vehicle was called the Motorwagen and was powered by the gasoline engine.

Benz sold several three-wheeled Motorwagen and also built and sold a four-wheeled model.

Benz wasn’t alone in his quest to provide individuals with their own private car. Inventors in France, Germany, and America also built their own cars – and also crashed them.

The First Car Accident

The first car accident took place in Ohio City, Ohio. James William Lambert built his own three-wheeled car and took a friend for a drive. While on a country road, the car hit a tree root and became unstable. Lambert lost control and the vehicle crashed into a hitching post. Thankfully, both Lambert and his companion sustained only minor injuries.

Lambert was certainly not the last person to crash their car. In his time, auto body shops didn’t exist. Today, car owners have many options when their vehicle needs repair.

Auto Body Shops In And Near East Harlem, New York

Our workers’ comp attorneys have put together a list of auto body shops in and near East Harlem:

Continental Auto Body
310 E 126th St,
New York, NY 10035
(347) 400-5163

Prestige Auto Repair & TowingEast Harlem street near workers' comp law firm.
2015 3rd Ave,
New York, NY 10029
(212) 722-7223

Auto Trend Barn
1908 Park Ave # 2,
New York, NY 10035
(212) 866-2500

Mike’s Auto
218 E 121st St,
New York, NY 10035
(212) 695-0250

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