Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

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Brooklyn Botanic Gardens is an affluent botanic garden that strives to cultivate excitement and interest in visitors while encouraging an appreciation for the environment that these plants and species grow.

Founded in 1910, the public Garden was initially created to provide the community with an inspiring horticultural display.

The Garden set on 52 acres of land, nurtures beds and trees of blossoming flowers like Cherry Trees, Halehaven Peach, Kaufmanniana Tulips, Daffodils, Star Magnolias, Lilacs and so many more.

The Garden is also home to many collections of researched plants, called the New York Metropolitan Flora Project. In 1990, the project took off, documenting a 50-mile radius of plants and other vegetation.

The herbarium in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden contains over 300,000 varieties of preserved plants. Not only are these collections useful tools for researchers-they also have a story behind them as well.

Education & Activities

The Discovery Garden provides opportunities for children of all ages to discover environments, reveal the secrets of plants, and learn about wildlife.

The exhibit offers tons of thrilling activities for the youngest of gardeners. Children are encouraged to explore the one-acre garden by investigating plants, animals in meadows, fruit and vegetable gardens, scavenger hunts, science stations, and games.

Classes are available for adults to enjoy, such as horticulture courses like art, floral design, gardening, nature, and wellness classes. Brooklyn Botanic Garden embraces sustainable greening through collaborations in education, conservation, and development.

The Garden is creating a dynamic network of individuals, locations, and programs dedicated to making Brooklyn a greener place through partnering with block councils, community gardens, and other support groups.

For more outdoor activities, visit the third-largest historical landmark in Brooklyn close-by.

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