Fort Greene Park

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Fort Greene Park is a landmark, admired for its history, rolling hills, trees, and monuments. In 1776, American Major General Nathanael Greene oversaw the building of Fort Putnam, which is now part of the cities park.

Rebuilt for the War of 1812, the Brooklyn fort was renamed to General Greene. Locals enjoyed visiting the old fort grounds for leisure and relaxation as the danger of war passed.

In 1845, the City of Brooklyn approved the site to be used as a public park, and Walt Whitman, the newspaper editor, attracted widespread support for the project.

Since then, Fort Greene had received 150 years of alternations and renovations with its most recent reno in 1995. The architecture of the playground pays tribute to the history of Fort Greene in the Revolutionary War.

The new play equipment resembles fortresses, and the latest weathervane on top of the comfort station is shaped like a bald eagle and banner reading “1776.” Thirteen stone pillars display bronze plaques describing the original colonial state trees and animals.


The remarkable Prison Ship Martyrs Monument was designed by renowned architect Stanford White and consisted of a 100-foot-wide granite staircase and a central Doric column 149 feet tall.

The memorial marks the location of a cemetery for more than 11,500 men and women who were buried in a grave at the Brooklyn Navy Yard, known as the prison ship martyrs.

Today, you can find one of the parks most distinctive monuments highlighted at night with architectural lights to encourage remembrance for centuries to come.


Fort Greene Park hosts its annual Fort Greene Park Summer Literary Festival that showcases well-known writers assisting the youth in educational activities.

During the summer, you can find a list of summer concert series to attend, operated by the parks conservancy team.

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