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If you are have sustained an injury or been diagnosed with an illness which prevents you from returning to work, you may be able to obtain payments to help with everyday bills through Social Security Disability.  However, the process of applying for and getting these payments is in no way simple and just under 70% of all yearly claims are denied outright.

Working with an experienced attorney will increase the chances of getting an initial claim approved and if a denial has already been issued, their legal team can handle the appeals process. At Markhoff & Mittman, we do everything we can to ensure that our clients feel totally supported every step of the way and that our team provides excellent communication, updating our clients regularly on the status of their claim.

There are important deadlines for all claims which is why it’s important to talk to an attorney as soon as possible.

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All it takes is a few seconds to change a life forever which is what frequently happens when someone is hurt on the job. Not only can a serious injury end a career, it can also cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to treat. To protect injured workers from financial ruin, workers compensation was created.

All employers are required to have workers’ comp by law. It works in two ways – protecting employers from being sued by injured employees and providing those injured workers with full coverage of their medical expenses and in some cases, a fraction of lost wages. However, insurance companies do their best to find reasons to deny claims so that they save money. Something as simple as a mistake made on the claim form can result in a denial.

Let our legal team help you with the claim process. We will review the case, fill out the paperwork, file the claim, keep the pressure on the insurance company, and collect any evidence needed to prove the claim. If a denial has been given, our team will handle the appeal.

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When you’ve been involved in an accident at work that was caused by a third-party, you may be able to file a personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for your injuries. This lawsuit can provide full compensation for past and future losses, such as lost wages, physical pain, medical bills, and emotional trauma and can be filed at the same time as a workers’ comp or social security disability claim.

Our legal team understands how stressful the legal process can be and we work hard to make sure our clients are completely supported throughout the entire process. We believe a good client-lawyer relationship starts with excellent communication and we are always available to answer any questions a client has.