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Being hurt on the job is bad enough, when an employee is seriously injured an unable to return to work, then comes construction workers in colonial cornersthe added stress of having to figure out how to pay for their everyday bills. The reality is that the average New York doesn’t have the financial stability needed to support themselves and their loved ones if a contributing income is lost, which is why Social Security Disability and Social Security Income were created.

Workers that have sustained a disabling injury can file a claim but unfortunately, the majority of these claims are denied, unless the applicant is working with an experienced attorney.

Our law firm has been helping clients go through both the initial application process and the appeals process. We review each case thoroughly, determine what is needed to support the claim, handle the paperwork, and represent the client at any hearings.

Our goal is to make sure that you and your loved ones get what you need to move forward. Call us now to learn more.

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Work accidents happen every day across all industries. In New York, most employers are required to have workers’ compensation insurance coverage for all employees. This coverage is supposed to protect both the employee and the employer – in return for providing the employees with compensation for medical coverage if they are hurt at work, it prevents an employee from filing a lawsuit against the employer.

However, even though the employer will be kept legally safe regardless of the claim outcome, coverage is not guaranteed for the employee and a shocking number of claims are denied each year, leaving an injured worker with large medical bills.

If a denial has been given, an appeal can be made, however, the appeals process is long and confusing, and it’s best to consult with an attorney who can handle the paperwork, collect evidence, interview witnesses, and go before a judge or panel in a hearing.

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Did you know that throughout New York workers are owed millions of dollars in unpaid overtime? Even though there are certain jobs and positions that are exempt from overtime, many are not, yet employers have found ways to keep money in their pocket by:

  • misclassifying employees
  • altering time cards
  • illegally deducting pay

Our law firm proudly represents those who are owed wages. Our legal team is prepared to review the case, calculate the amount owed, file the necessary paperwork for an unpaid overtime lawsuit, and then fight for our client’s rights in court if a settlement can’t be negotiated.

Our firm was founded in 1933 on the notion that all workers deserve to be treated equally and that anyone who is discriminated against, harassed, or who have had funds taken from them illegally should be able to obtain the compensation that they need to move past this horrible experience.

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