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It doesn’t matter what industry someone works in, there is always the chance that an accident could happen, causing employees serious harm. This is why workers’ compensation insurance was created and why the law requires most employers to have coverage for their employees. All it takes is a moment of inattention or a defective product and an employee could be saddled with thousands or sometimes millions of dollars in medical bills.

Although workers’ comp is wonderful in theory, insurance companies, which are almost always focused on saving the company money rather than helping people, have found ways to deny claims regularly, leaving injured workers with few options and lots of financial stress.worker from battle hill who fell

Our firm has helped workers who have been hurt in:

  • construction accidents
  • auto accidents
  • slip and fall accidents
  • hospital accidents
  • factory accidents
  • mining accidents

In each case, we carefully reviewed the accident which caused our client to become injured or the exposure which caused them to become seriously ill, clearly explained all of their legal options, handled the paperwork, collected additional evidence, spoke with the insurance company on their behalf, and pursued compensation for their losses.

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Almost no one wants to go to work every day, even if they love their job. It’s much more difficult to get up and go to work if the people they spend most of their waking hours with continually harass them.

Although it might seem like there is no hope, there are laws which protect workers from being discriminated against. In fact, it is illegal to discriminate or harass a worker due to their:

  • race
  • national origin
  • age
  • sex
  • citizenship status
  • genetic information
  • gender identity
  • marital status
  • familial status
  • disability
  • prior arrests
  • political activities

If harassment occurs based on one of these protected characteristics, the victim can file with both the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and then they can pursue a lawsuit. Taking these steps is not easy but with an experienced New York attorney, compensation can be obtained and it may help to prevent others from suffering through a similar experience.

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No one expects to have an accident which will leave them disabled and unable to work, but it does happen, leaving hardworking New Yorkers struggling to pay their bills.

What many don’t initially realize is that Social Security isn’t just for the elderly. Both Social Security Disability and Social Security Income exist to support disabled workers but obtaining these benefit is not easy. Around 65% of the several million claims filed each year are denied.

An appeal can be filed, however, due to an extreme backlog, it may be as long as 17-months before a hearing is even scheduled.

The best way to obtain coverage from the initial application is to work closely with an experienced Social Security attorney who understands what it takes to get a claim approved. Our law firm has been guiding disabled workers through this process for decades and we are prepared to help you. To learn more about how we approach the process of filing and our law firm, contact us now.

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