An infectious disease can be as simple as a common cold, a curable virus but one you should try preventing the spread of around the workplace. But an infectious disease can also be of the incurable variety that leaves you having to treat developing conditions for the rest of your life.

Those working in the medical field as well as other industries are susceptible to contracting such diseases when working around people already infected. For example, a medical first responder with fresh cuts on their hands or arms that comes in contact with a patient who is infected may contract the condition during emergency treatment. For this reason, it is important for emergency medical workers to be properly trained and wear the proper protective gear like gloves and sleeves when coming in contact with wounded patients.

While those in law enforcement and medical care that deal with the public should be aware of infectious disease risks, all other workers should also be aware of the risks they face should a co-worker get injured on the job. For instance, in a manufacturing environment a worker can suffer a serious cut. Other workers and management should be trained to handle emergency treatment to prevent additional injuries and passing along infections. Rubber gloves, medical kits, and other protective measures should be clearly understood by all workers.

If you have fresh cuts or work around people who are sick, you need to take precautions and protect yourself. While many people will come to work with colds and flu, you should take action to ensure you also do not get sick. Wash your hands frequently, keep your fingers out of your mouth and eyes, and speak up if you are working too closely with a sick person who may infect you with a virus.

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