If you have injured your knees while at work, returning too early can bring about serious ongoing and untreatable medical conditions that can put you out of work permanently. Knee injuries are often treatable but can get worse if you do not get treatment as soon as possible. Most knee damage is reversible but only if you get the proper amount of rest and keep your weight off the injured area.

If you have hurt your knee at work, it is important you follow the doctor’s orders and stay home until you have healed. Otherwise you may be risking further damage to the parts of your knee including the tendon and the ligaments. If you return to work in a hurry, even light duty work can cause damage. You should consider filing your workers compensation claim for knee injuries at work so you can get the rest you need and still be able to pay your bills.

Many people will attempt to work through the pain but only aggravate the situation. You should never try to self-treat your knee injury as you could cause more damage. It is always in your best interest to visit a doctor and get the proper treatment to deal with the pain and the after effects of your injury.

Filing a claim for a knee injury occurring on the job can be complicated so it is wise to consult with an experienced attorney first. We offer a free consultation to discuss your injuries and your workers compensation case to ensure you get what you need. Don’t return to work in a hurry if you are facing knee injuries and the potential for ongoing, chronic pain.

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