While some people are hard-pressed to make it to any medical examination appointment because of fear of diagnosis or fear of medical professionals in general, many who are referred to a psychologist for mental health or emotional health issues may never follow through. But a referral to a psychologist is a serious matter that should be taken seriously, despite your initial objections. A psychologist is a professional engaged in assisting patients who are experiencing personal issues, emotional concerns, and problems within different relationships.

The biggest stumbling block for those referred to psychologists for help is fear. Rest assured that qualified, reputable psychologists are very sensitive to the feelings and concerns of new patients. They generally expect their new patients to be nervous during the first appointment.

Typically forms will need to be completed outlining your basic personal information, insurance information if treatment is covered, as well as a medical questionnaire. Include as much information as you an on the intake form. The psychologist will discuss your answers as well as the reason for your referral in the initial visit.

Referrals to psychologists generally occur to treat specific issues including anxiety, phobias, anger management, panic attacks, interpersonal relationship problems, and depression. They can discuss with you a suitable treatment plan to address your specific issues. They may also be able to work in conjunction with your medical provider to get you towards reaching the goals you’ve set for treatment.

Many of the issues affecting people that result in a psychological referral are serious and should be treated as such. There are many factors that will influence your treatment and your psychologist is a trained expert in helping you overcome your issues so it is in your best interest to be actively involved in your treatment.