As experienced Social Security disability attorneys in New York, our legal team is well aware of what it takes to win your claim for disability benefits with your initial application. Along with filing out the forms correctly, you also need to ensure you are submitting the proper medical documentation that supports your medical conditions and physical or mental limitations due to your disability.

Your primary care physician and the medical doctors treating you for your disability issues will often be your strongest piece of evidence which supports your inability to return to your normal job duties. When your application is being reviewed by the Social Security Administration, the information provided by your physician will weigh strongly in support of your claim.

For this reason, it is vital that you follow through with your doctor’s appointments, treatments, and recommended care of your health conditions. If you never go to the doctor and follow up on your health, you will not have much medical evidence to support your claim for disability benefits. You may end up losing your initial claim and subsequent appeals. Your doctor’s word is not just good enough either. Your claim will need to be backed up with sufficient laboratory reports and diagnostic evidence that proves performing other tasks would not be possible given your medical conditions.

Social Security disability benefits are getting denied by the thousands due to insufficient medical information and missing application form information. The process of applying for Social Security disability benefits can often be complicated and having an experienced disability attorney on your side to assist with the process can be invaluable to securing your benefits with the first application.