For young workers who are seeking summer employment, it is very important to realize the potential dangers of a workplace no matter what kind of work opportunity you are seeking. Those working through the summer in construction or retail may be at risk for injuries if not focused on the job at hand or properly trained for the work tasks.


Many young workers without experience could be injured due to being uninformed. Those with the attitude that ‘that wouldn’t happen to me’ are often the ones that do not pay attention in training or prefer to follow their own rules rather than the direction of their employers. In many cases, simple mistakes can lead to critical problems due to a lack of experience or knowledge.


Since many summer positions are only temporary, there may be some employers that cut corners and do not promote the right safety measures for their summer workers. This can lead to a number of injuries and even fatalities to ill-trained workers. Since many young adults are not familiar with the work laws and regulations, they do not know enough to say ‘no’ when a job task appears to be too dangerous.


There are workers compensation rights for young, part-time workers but again, due to inexperience many who are injured will not follow the proper protocol for reporting injuries or seeking medical attention. Untreated, unreported injuries can lead to more serious medical complications that can affect your ability to work into the distant future.


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