A New Jersey contractor was fined upwards of $90,000 for a series of repeat offenses regarding the safety of their worksites. The fines were so high because OSHA investigators determined that the company has consistently violated safety protocol on several occasions. Workers were subjected to fall hazards that were never taken care of for the safety of the workers.


As unemployment rates are still high, people are happy to be working wherever they can get a job. While it is true that income is important, safety should also be a factor in your quest for work. You may not realize it until you are on the job that things are what they should be. Other workers will talk too, letting you know that safety standards may not be as they should.


But would you intentionally get a job with a company known for allowing hazardous workplace situations and who cut corners with safety precautions? You may need the money but at what cost. It is important to know that you have a right to protect your best interests and guard your safety. If you are asked to perform a job you know is not safe, you have the right to refuse. Unfortunately many workers do not know they can refuse and end up getting hurt due to lack of protection.


Repeat violators are often happy to pay the fines and keep working despite the hazards posed to workers. It is important you pay attention on a new job to what is going on and determine whether or not your safety is at risk. You may need to earn an income but as an injured worker, you’ll then need to tend with medical bills and being out of work to recover.