Concrete workers at the One World Trade Center and transit hub staged a work stoppage for 3 days at the World Trade center due to receiving pay cuts. The work stoppage did not affect work being done at the 9/11 memorial site which is scheduled to open on the 10th anniversary of the terrorists attacks; but the stoppage did also impact a number of other construction projects in NYC, including the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

About two dozen carpenters working at the World Trade Center site joined forces with the concrete workers and walked off the workzone in support of their cause.

A temporary deal was reached with management and the concrete workers went back to work under an extended contract through August 16th with the Cement and Concrete Workers District Council and the Cement League.

If a deal has not been reached by the end of the contract extension, a union of carpenters (over 22,000 carpenters) has voted to go on strike in an act of solidarity with the concrete workers at the World Trade Center.