At the Korba West Power Company Limited power plant a platform near a cooling tower crashed down on the workers. The power plant is located in Raigarh district where 10 workers were performing construction work when the platform fell from more than 170 feet.


The platform was a support for one of the cooling towers where workers were standing at the time of the collapse. Workers were trapped under the rubble from the accident. Debris spread out over a large area of the worksite.


Authorities in the area began a rescue mission and were able to recover five bodies from the area. There was continued work to find more bodies but constant rain interrupted the rescue efforts.


The state government has ordered an investigation into the workplace accident. The company that owns the power plant, Avantha (Gautam Thapar) Group, has already announced their compensation efforts totaling Rs. 5 lakh each for family members of the workers killed in the collapse.