Fibromyalgia is a medical condition which involves feelings of chronic pain in the joints and muscles of the body. Some people experience ongoing pain while others are affected by episodic flare-ups. Regardless of how frequent the pain is, those suffering from fibromyalgia conditions and its symptoms may find working to be next to impossible. There are many that have left their full time jobs to work on a more part-time basis if they have been able to retain their job at all.

Pain management therapies are typically a part of ongoing treatment for fibromyalgia sufferers. It is also important for New York Fibromyalgia Attorneyindividuals to reduce their stress levels and limit their physical activity when pain is present. Many people can continue to lead active lifestyles and maintain their job functions when diagnosed with fibromyalgia.

For those that are able to continue working with Fibro, it is recommended that your condition and symptoms be discussed with your employer and your fellow workers. Not everyone is familiar with the condition and it can be helpful to explain your pain, your fatigue, and your concerns upfront so you will have support. Employers may be willing to accommodate your needs such as by providing more frequent rest times throughout the work day or by allowing you to make up missed time off from work.

If you are unable to continue working due to your related symptoms and inability to perform your job functions, you may be eligible for Social Security disability benefits. It will be important to first get a proper and prompt diagnosis and assess your situation. Many jobs can still accommodate your limitations during episodes of chronic pain and fatigue. Those that cannot or if your skills are limited by your symptoms, you may wish to seek the advice of a qualified New York Fibromyalgia attorney concerning a claim for disability benefits.