Many people take seasonal jobs in a retail environment to make extra cash since more stores are hiring temporary extra help over the pre and post holiday months. However, if you are seasonal employee new to the world of retail, the job can actually be dangerous.

Without proper training from your employee about safety, you can be at risk from being hurt by large crowds, disgruntled shoppers, heavy boxes, or falling objects. There are a number of safety risks that are around you at all times so it is wise to know what you are doing, especially when it comes to dealing with bulky merchandise and out of control customers.

Safety training should go beyond learning how to work the register. You should be taught the correct way to lift heavy merchandise, hang inventory, remove merchandise from high shelves, and other safety issues involved in a store setting.

You also should learn how to deal with the crowds especially when things can get physical like during Black Friday scuffles or when irate customers want to hurt someone. It is not uncommon for retail employees to suffer at the hands of violence, especially when people are out to cause hurt when executing robberies.

Working in retail should not be considered an easy job and there is safety protocol to keep in mind whether you are working behind the counter or in the stock room.