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Workers’ Memorial Day – A day to remember workers killed, disabled or injured on the job.

Workers Memorial Day marks the anniversary of the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) and is our opportunity to remember all those who have died, been injured, or become sick on the job.

The first Workers’ Memorial Day was observed in 1989.  Unfortunately, this is a nationally recognized holiday that often goes unnoticed – many of us aren’t even aware that it is celebrated annually on April 28th.  Where it is celebrated,  the day is marked by special events and activities that bring together workers, their families, unions, and health and safety personnel in an effort to continue to demand safer working conditions for all.  Local community events are often planned by volunteers, usually those who have lost loved ones on the job.  Speakers address the need for safe working conditions for all; others remember and memorialize those they’ve lost.  Ribbons are placed on trees, or balloons are released, all in memory of loved ones and to take notice – going to work can still be a dangerous thing to do.  Statistics show that an average of 16 workers die each day, nationally, while working.

As workers’ compensation attorneys we continue to work with you towards safe working conditions to all.  And, in the instance of injury to help you received the benefits you deserve.