Workers Compensation Legal Guidance Necessary for Injured Workers


If you have been injured on the job and your injury requires the use of a prescription painkiller, know that having an experienced attorney on your side providing guidance may be the only way you have access to insurance coverage you need for the drugs through workers compensation.


The rising costs of drug therapies and the overuse of narcotic painkiller prescriptions are paving the way for changes to insurance company policies. Back in the day, insurance providers felt medication therapies were the cheaper alternative when recovering from workers comp-related injury. Now that medications are much more expensive, insurers are denying prescription medicines as part of reasonable treatment and injured workers will need an experienced lawyer to navigate the changes in workers compensation.


Being in need of narcotic painkillers for work-related injuries is not uncommon but many times doctors have been found to over-prescribe strong narcotics during treatment. This overuse of powerful medicines has also lead to delayed recovery time and workers are of the job for longer periods of time. Some patients have ended up addicted to the narcotics during the recovery process making it unsafe for them to return to their jobs.


With the policies within workers compensation changing, injured workers are strongly advised to seek the advice of an attorney. An experienced legal team can help ensure you get coverage for narcotic prescriptions for treating work-related injuries if such medications are necessary. Our legal team will also ensure you have receive fair payment to replace your lost wages and that other medical costs are covered without issue.


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