The State of New York’s Workers Compensation Board has previously created a list of medical treatments and procedures that are allowed for the treatment and recovery of injured workers. Unfortunately the Third Department in Albany has one again undermined the entire purpose of NY workers compensation by upholding patently improper regulations as written by the Workers Compensation Board.


Injured workers have the right to receive medical benefits and care after work-related injuries. But the Board has created a monstrous bureaucracy that ultimately denies the exact medical benefits these injured workers rely on in order to recover and return to work.


Luckily for the injured workers across the state, a judge’s dissenting opinion will now send the matter to the highest court in the state of New York, the Court of Appeals. This situation will be now be addressed in the hopes that the injustices and drastic limitations placed on injured workers will be righted in favor of those suffering from work-related medical issues and conditions and help those appealing their workers compensation claim denials.