The State of New York’s Workers Compensation Board has recently announced their change of procedure for claimants requesting a change of venue in a workers compensation claim. This rule change is just one of many the Board has brought to fruition and highlights the importance of always being in the know to handle your workers compensation claim effectively.


Our legal team stays on top of news like Board announcements and changing policies. If you are not in the loop about how the workers compensation process works, you may end up hurting your own rights for an injured worker claim. It is our job to know the rules and regulations, including subsequent changes being made in New York so you will be assured the maximum benefit allowance possible.


Filing a workers compensation claim can be confusing and a difficult process, especially if you are recovering from a serious work-related injury and have little time to focus on paperwork. Even more complicated are workers compensation death benefit claims filed by loved ones who lost their loved ones on the job. It is important to have the proper guidance for your New York Workers Compensation claim right from the start so you do not have to worry about being denied medical coverage when you need it most.