At our Brooklyn workers’ compensation law firm, there are more than a few foodies in the building. In our opinion, Brooklyn offers the best selection of cafes, bars, and restaurants in all of the five boroughs. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites below. If you’re looking for a good meal after stopping by our offices, we recommend the following places:


ALENbi has only been open for about six weeks, but it’s already become one of the hottest restaurants in Brooklyn. This modern Israeli restaurant has become one of our personal favorites in the borough. From the time you enter the doors, you know you’re in for a unique experience. The decor is gorgeous, featuring an open kitchen that allows you to watch these expert chefs at work as they prepare dishes for the consistently packed dining room.

Don’t expect your standard, basic Middle Eastern fare. These dishes combine a variety of fresh ingredients to create complex, flavorful entrees. We started with appetizers of Frenna bread and falafel tartar before moving on to our entrees of Israeli Souvlaki and duck maroccai. ALENbi isn’t cheap, with entrees ranging from 15-53 dollars, but it’s worth every penny. We highly recommend stopping by here if you’re a fan of Israeli fare or if you’re looking to try something new in Brooklyn.

Belarussian Xata

Located just off the boardwalk, Belarussian Xata offers delectable Belarussian cuisine at affordable prices. It makes a great stop after a family day trip to Sheepshead Bay. Some of our favorite Belarussian specialties on the menu include the potato babka, potato kuldini (with your choice of chicken, minced meat, or mushroom), and the potato pancakes (choice of six different variations, including with lobster, pork, beef, and vegetarian options). As you can see, potatoes are a major staple of the Belarussian diet – and they really know how to prepare them in unique and savory flavors.

Baba’s Pierogies

An unassuming hole-in-the-wall near Union St. station has some of our favorite pierogies in all of New York City. As you can guess from the name, Baba’s specializes exclusively in authentic Slovakian pierogies. The menu lets you build your own – first choosing one of eight fillings (our favorites include sauerkraut, potato & cheese, and bacon cheddar), then either pan fried and served with sour cream or boiled and tossed with butter and chives. Finally, you have the option to add extra toppings or dip for a small additional fee – the housemade apple sauce is a must.

You can also find Eastern European sandwiches, like the sloppy kielbasy and hamwich, along with salads for health-conscious diners. If you have room after the meal, we highly suggest an order of the desert pierogies – your choice of crunchy chocolate or blueberry.

Kafe Louverture

Whether we’re looking to grab a quick breakfast on the way to the office or a cheap but tasty spot for lunch, Kafe Louverture is one of our favorite coffee shops in the borough. They specialize in coffee, tea, and simple Haitian cuisine. Everything is always fresh and flavorful. The decor is also a treat in and of itself, and you can pick up some locally-made Haitian arts and crafts as gifts for family and friends.

Laojie Hotpot

All-you-can-eat hotpot meals are one of our favorite ways to enjoy dinner with a big group of family or friends. Laojie Hotpot offers excellent food, with an incredible selection of all of your Chinese hotpot favorites. A great choice for lunch with coworkers or dinner with the family after a long day at the office.