A Connecticut chiropractor pled guilty to workers compensation fraud and was sentenced to spend 30 days in jail, pay $20,000 in restitution to the Ohio Bureau of Compensation, and be under five years of community control.

Bruce Holaday who owned the Back and Spine Center made his guilty plea in July. He was convicted of defrauding the workers compensation agency after an investigation was conducted by Attorney General Mike DeWine's office. The investigation, known as ‘Operation Backbreaker' also resulted in four associates of Holaday's associates being convicted of their participation in the workers comp fraud.

Holaday was found by the BWC's Special Investigations Department to be using names and provider identification numbers of chiropractors to cover up the fact he was providing treatment to injured workers. Holaday had been de-certified as a health care provider for the Ohio Bureau of Compensation and was barred from reimbursements from the BWC office.

Special investigators disguised themselves as injured workers and went to two clinics to seek treatment. It was then that Holaday's direct involvement was discovered. Investigators also found that Holaday was seeking reimbursement for services never provided to the workers he treated. Fake treatment records were also developed to provide as proof for billing given to the BWC.

Dr. Gary T. Berner also pleaded guilty to felony workers compensation fraud. Berner actively participated in the fraud and was sentenced to pay more than $110,000 in restitution and will spend 180 days in Franklin County jail.he must also be under community control for a period of 5 years.