A crackdown on workers compensation fraud has led to the arrest of 18 people in the state of New York. An investigation conducted by the State Department of Financial Services in an effort to cut down on the expensive incidents of fraud.

John Czechowski was found to have collected $12,000 from the New York State Insurance Fund after being classed as totally disabled after suffering a back injury while working as a roofer. Czechowski was discovered to be working off the record for a contracting company while collecting those disability benefits.

In addition to the Czechowski case, other individuals were investigated and found to be working after they were approved for and collected disability benefits. Others were found to have faked injuries so they could collect payments for disabilities. One woman was found to have been cashing checks that were issues to her deceased husband.

Investigations like the one recently completed in New York are in part to cut down on the cost of workers compensation costs for employers that are skyrocketing due to fraud. Investigators are reinforcing the seriousness of the crime of workers compensation fraud and how it affects consumers and employers all over New York. Insurance premiums for workers comp keep going up as more money is lost in fraud.

The arrest of 18 individuals were the result of multiple investigations led by the Department of Financial Services in cooperation with Office of the Inspector General of the New York State Workers Compensation Board, the New York State Insurance Fund, as well as other insurance providers.

To date all of the accused of are innocent of the charges until they are proven guilty.