Just last month 38 year old Robert Loja was awarded an $11.2 million dollar verdict stemming from an on the job accident he suffered in October of 2008.
On that fateful day, Loja was doing work for his employer Sleepy Hollow Landscaping.  He was parked in the street unloading a trailer when he was struck by a car.  The driver, 26 year old Eileen Lavelle, claimed to be blinded by sun glare.  Lavelle drove through a warning cone in the street and a “men working” sign before striking Loja.  Robert Loja lost his left leg in the accident and his right leg was severely mangled.
The jury found the landscaping company 60% liable for the accident.  They believed that the company should not have directed Loja to park in the street and that the warning sign was not big enough.  Loja himself was found 30% liable for the accident for parking the truck in the street.  The jury believed Loja could have parked elsewhere.  Ms. Lavelle and her mother who was the owner of the car were found to be 10% liable.  Other drivers at the trial testified to almost hitting the truck themselves.
While Loja will probably never see the full settlement amount, he will get some compensation.  His attorney must meet with the Lavelle's to work out a payment that they can afford.  Their insurance will only pay $50,000 of the over one million the Lavelle's technically owe.  Loja can only collect from his former employer once he has received payment from the Lavelle's.