The Federal Hazardous Substance Act classifies fireworks as a hazardous substance – meaning they are regulated under strict federal guidelines for manufacturing, transporting and storage of fireworks. Employers must offer fireworks worker safety tips to ensure display operators are trained and competent for lighting fireworks, and that retail workers understand any dangers associated with storage and sale of the fireworks.

Worker Safety for Fireworks Display Operators

For employees participating in the lighting of fireworks for display, they need to be trained in proper and safe use of fireworks. The required permits and licenses must be obtained for the display, and safety inspections must be made.

All workers involved with fireworks display operations should wear proper clothing and protective gear, including non-flammable materials and safety glasses. The area where the fireworks display is to take place must be free from accidental ignition sources.

Worker Safety for Firework Retail Sales

For stores selling fireworks to consumers, storage safety measures must be in place to avoid accidental ignition. Fire extinguishers should be located throughout the retail shop, and all employees should know where they are and how to use them. Building exits need to be clearly labeled and easy to access in event workers must evacuate the building quickly. Smoking should never be allowed within 50 feet of a building containing firework storage, and an employee must remain in view of fireworks at all times.

Worker Safety Violations

If you’ve been injured due to worker safety violations regarding fireworks, contact an experienced workers compensation lawyer, like Markhoff and Mittman for assistance.