When you are injured at work, you can be devastated to learn you have been denied receiving any kind of compensation benefits. Benefits denial for on the job injuries are not uncommon. It can be due to incomplete paperwork or do to a decision on the part of the insurance company. In either case, it is wise to go directly to an experienced workers compensation attorney for help.

Because you already have so much on your mind when dealing with an injury and medical treatments, it can be easy to get taken advantage of at this time. Being denied for benefits you deserve and need is a serious matter and one we can help you work through during this difficult time.

The good news is just because you have been denied doesn’t mean you can’t file an appeal. There can be simple reasons your claim has been denied and you should never just take that denial and walk away. We can help protect your rights to recover benefits to ensure you can pay your personal bills, your medical bills, and allow you to recoup lost wages due to your on the job injury. Without proper legal guidance, you may continue to be taken advantage of in your time of need, especially if you anticipate a lengthy recovery time.

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