Michael P. O'Brien, a worker on a Metropolitan Transportation Authority site underneath Park Avenue in Manhattan, was killed by falling concrete while at work. O'Brien had only been on the project for 3 weeks and was working alongside his father, who had helped his son get the job working on the new train tunnel. Michael O’Brien was 26 years old.

The concrete that fell was from a patch of spray-on concrete, which is typically used in these types of hard-to-reach tunnel projects. An anonymous transit official said that other areas where the concrete had been used were stable, but the area that fell had been recently applied. The project is part of a plan to grant Long Island Rail Road trains access to Grand Central Terminal.

Michael O’Brien’s father was reported to be in the same tunnel as his son when the tragedy occurred. Investigations into the accident are ongoing, but officials say they do not expect the site to be shut down for long.

The Manhattan worker's compensation lawyers with Markhoff & Mittman offer our sincere condolences to the O'Brien family after this heartbreaking tragedy.