Researchers have released data taken for a five-year study of 7,000 employees between the ages of 45 and 65. The results that were released show what has long been a belief of employees – stress on the job has deeply impacted the health of individuals.

In fact, stress is attributed as the factor for more than a quarter of all people who are receiving disability benefits. These disability claims step from physical illness caused by stress. The other two-thirds of those filing for disability are said to be due to mental health issues.

Stress has been found by the medical community to play a large role in the overall health of individuals. Because of the recent findings that work stress is leading to more physical illness, there is likely going to be consequences for employers who tend to increase the stress around the work environment.

In a study conducted by Chartered Management Institute, 40% of employees credited their supervisor as being the largest factor in work-related stress. 34% of the individuals interviewed felt their boss also made work less than a pleasant place to be. An additional 10% further stated that their poor health and medical conditions were the direct result of the boss's actions.

Experts have suggested that employers offer up wellness programs for employees who are dealing with too much stress to reduce the amount of health conditions amongst employees. Employers should also be striving for workloads and job duties that are more manageable to prevent overloading workers and heightening stress levels associated with illness.