Throughout American history there have been many examples of hard workers. In fact, hard work is what has made this country great. But these days, with all of the changes and advances within the human race, that hard work you are putting in each week can actually put you in an early grave.
There is likely already stress in your workplace and when you don’t take time out for yourself and your home life, it can have devastating medical consequences. Not only does your health suffer overall but your relationships can too if you don’t take it easy and find balance between work and home.
With the increase of entrepreneurship in the country, more workers are never able truly leave the workplace because they live in it. It can be even more stressful than working for someone else.
All this stress, anxiety, and overworking can lead to accidents on the job and potentially can lead to you making mistakes that hurt someone you work with. It is important to not only get enough rest, eat right, and give your work tasks your priority and focus when in the workplace. Employers need to be able to recognize signs of stress in their employees and offer a balanced amount of work hours according to health and safety rules. There should be protocol to help workers deal with on the job stress and offer the services necessary to help deal with the outcome of this stress such as depression. Many instances of violence on the job are directly related to stress.

If you have been injured on the job as a result of a co-worker mistake or due to your employer’s failure to institute safety rules to combat stress, contact our office about a potential workers compensation benefit claim. We’ll discuss your case with you at no cost. You can arrange an appointment by calling us toll free at 888-799-3918 or using our online contact form.