Whether you have broken a finger, a toe, or a major bone in your leg while working, it is imperative that you never ignore these injuries even if you think you can get away with it. While there may not be much a doctor can do for a broken toe other than to tape it securely, without proper monitoring your broken bones can heal improperly and result in a disfigurement.


Disfigured fingers and toes can make it nearly impossible to work safety. With toes you may not be able to wear the appropriate footwear necessary to be safe. Broken toes may seem like a minor inconvenience but when it limits your earning potential it can really be a big deal.


If you think you have sustained a broken bone caused by an on the job injury due to pain and swelling in the area, go to the emergency room of your local hospital immediately. Even if the diagnosis is that you only have a sprain, you can rest assured your body is okay and will heal correctly with proper care. If you neglect having x-rays or other imaging tests performed and interpreted by a diagnostic radiologist, you are also putting yourself at risk of additional pain and medical complication in the future.


Broken toes and fingers are not something to ignore. At least consult with a doctor before making the decision to continue working. If the injury occurred on the job, be sure to report the details as per the protocol of your employer in the event you need to keep going with medical exams and treatments.