Being a window washer, especially in large cities with tremendously high skyscrapers is one of the more hazardous career-moves an individual undertakes. Many work-related injuries sustained while washing windows involve falling from great heights whether it be from ladders to much higher scaffolding locations.

A requirement as per the New York State laws do require that all employers who hire people in the capacity of washing window must provide proper training and have adequate safety equipment on the premises. Employees also need to be trained how to operate this equipment on a regular basis.

In Section 240 of the New York Labor Law, there is a specific law relating to the use of scaffolding. The Scaffold Law protects workers that must perform their jobs at elevated heights. All contractors and property owners must provide their employees with protection from gravity-related accidents, such as falls from the scaffolding structures.  Additional safety equipment includes secured ladders, safety vests, harnesses, and lifelines. There is a strict liability placed on the contractor or property owner in the event an employee gets injured from a fall due to insufficient safety equipment.

Defective equipment is often the cause of many on the job accidents which lead to permanent injuries and even death. In such instances, the contractor employing the workers or the property owner of the building can be held liable for compensation to the injured worker, even if the worker was partially at fault for misuse or lack of use of such safety equipment.

Contractors and property owners have a responsibility to ensure that workers have a safe environment and operational equipment at all times. Window washers are entitled to have access to structures that are anchored and safe for getting the job done. According to the laws, a window washer is not obligated to clean windows unless there is suitable protection each and every time.