Sometimes the loss of a loved one becomes so disabling, we may feel as though we may never recover. Depending on the relationship you had with the one you lost, it can be devastating to resume a normal life. If your depression has become debilitating to a point where you can no longer function, you may need to seek legal advice concerning a potential claim for disability benefits.

Depression is a serious illness that needs to be taken seriously. Managing depression on your own can lead to unintended consequences. Depression, especially chronic depression will require medical intervention and a strong support system. In many cases, the individual suffering from the condition doesn’t even realize how much of a hold it has on their lives.

When a serious trauma occurs in an individual’s life, depression and sadness may seem like a natural course of the grieving process but if several months have passed and you are not feeling motivated or inclined to resume a normal life, you need to take action. In some cases, you may qualify for Social Security benefits when the situation has become debilitating. Regardless, you will need to ensure you see a doctor and continue on with the prescribed medications or other course of treatment so you can stabilize your health.

If you have been diagnosed with chronic depression or other mental illness that may influence your ability to work, you should seek the guidance of an experienced New York disability attorney to review your case and determine your eligibility for benefits if you are no longer unable to work.