There is a long list of genetic conditions that can affect the human body. From color blindness to polycystic kidney disease, genetic disorders are a heredity condition usually passed through heredity. A medical geneticist is a specialist that may become involved with the diagnosis and treatment of your condition and its symptoms.

Not all people will have the same reaction to a genetic condition and varying levels of the symptoms of the conditions can be present. But many individuals born with genetic conditions and symptoms may be unable to function in a normal lifestyle. As conditions develop, it may eventually leave a person disabled to the point they can no longer work.

While medical advancements have been able to offer relief for a number of genetic conditions, not all are curable or even treatable. This may limit one’s earning potential and ability to financial support themselves and pay for their medical care for ongoing treatment.

Filing for Social Security disability can be a difficult process, especially when you are battling medical problems. Filing a claim for benefits does not guarantee you will be awarded disability payment and many applications are denied the first time they are submitted. For these reasons, you will need the experience of a legal team to walk you through the process. Just one mistake on a disability application can leave you denied for benefits you really need.