As many of you know I like to write on relevant and interesting topics.

One topic that often bothers me, and effrects me and my colleagues, and ultimately the injured workers and victims of accidents is ‘Tort Reform’.

In this election season it has become another hot button issue – "crazy lawsuits are killing business and so on." So you can imagine my surprise and shock when I read my colleague's (Bob Kraft) amazing post on his PISSD …Personal Injury, Social Security Disability blog… "Texas Takes Tort Reform too Far" …not some left wing liberal you got be able to sue for everything, but an amazing focus not on outrageous verdicts, but the outrageous outcome of tort reform – the utter gutting of the seventh amendment (Right to Trial by Jury)…

Some pointers from this article

  • Destruction of evidence and collusion to commit fraud – doesn’t matter the brain damaged plaintiff won’t get money
  • Texas Supreme Court – overturned jury verdicts (that is lowered or wiped out the verdict) 74% if the time!
  • And guess who is fighting for our rights – The Tea Party (and I am personally not a supporter of them!) because regardless of how you feel about lawsuits, artificial caps ultimately takes away the rights of legitimate claims.

Lesson – never just blindly follow someone without thinking about the consequences!