While many disabled individuals living in New York have opportunities for special access and discount pricing to popular places in New York City, many wheelchair-bound individuals still find it difficult to access some locations due to inaccessibility.


Public places are not always convenient for those confined to a wheelchair or those who rely on a motorized scooter for getting around. For the times when accessibility is not so easy, there are advancements in wheelchair products such as portable ramps that can make a huge difference in your life. These ramps can be placed over stairs, gaps from vehicles to the street, and other entry ways when ramps are not otherwise available.

These portable ramps can make living and navigating the city a bit easier and allow you to tend to your errands and daily activities when wheelchair access is not otherwise provided.


Disabled individuals using wheelchairs and motorized scooters will also find that NY public transportation offers discounted fares and accommodations for those relying on wheelchairs and scooters. Those living on disability incomes can utilize the discounted transportation fares in New York and have assistance with their travel needs.