If you are a New Yorker suffering from an anxiety-related disorder that is making it difficult to work and provide for your family, you may be considering a disability claim. If so, you will need to submit many sources of "evidence" to the Social Security Administration in order to "prove" your anxiety disorder. Unfortunately, the "proof" of your anxiety-related disability doesn't stop with your medical doctor's evaluation. You may be surprised by the amount of information that is taken into consideration.

What does the Social Security Administration consider "proof" of my anxiety disorder?

When evaluating your anxiety disorder, the Social Security Administration will generally take into account:

  • Medical information from a doctor 
  • Information from other providers, such as your therapist or psychiatric social worker
  • Statements from you and your family, including your own report of your limitations
  • Information about how your anxiety-related limitations vary or change over time
  • Any evidence from previous attempts to work, including your behavior at work and why you were terminated
  • Results of psychological and intelligence testing

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