Number one, if you get fired for COVID or Corona related issues, there’s the ability to get unemployment with the waiver of certain things like looking for work and stuff like that. If your hours are reduced by more than 30%, you can continue to work and possibly get partial unemployment benefits as a result of the COVID pandemic. Also, if you’re unable to work, especially here in New York, there are a couple of other things going on as well.

There’s Paid Family and Medical Leave Act, which was put in place a couple of years ago for folks to take care of sick ones, new children, etc. They have added a quick provision about the COVID-19. So if you are quarantined, if you are sick, if you are taking care of somebody who is sick, if you are taking care of children and you cannot work because you have to do childcare related stuff, then you may be able to get paid family medical leave.

There’s also a provision for all employers to provide a certain amount of paid sick time during the pandemic for,  up to two weeks in New York.

And then on the employer side, the employers are going to be able to get either some of that money back or to get credits on their taxes.

If you have been fired during COVID-19 please and have questions please contact us at 1-866-205-2415.