If you suffer from food allergies, it is common knowledge that you should avoid the foods you are allergic to at all costs. But if you are not familiar with food allergies, it may be worth your while to make sure what is in your lunch box won’t prove fatal to one of your co-workers.


There is a lot more information available about food allergies due to the increase in children who are becoming very ill from seemingly harmless foods but adults may not realize who around them may be allergic to different food products. Some food allergies are severe enough to cause the person to stop breathing and suffer seizures.


Workers who are allergic to certain foods should alert others in their workplace to help prevent accidental reactions. Some people who are allergic to foods only need to encounter a small amount of the food to have a serious allergic reaction. Warning others about the items that need to be avoided can help protect the allergic worker. Because many workers share food during in-office get-togethers and celebrations, it is important everyone be alerted to a co-worker’s food allergies.


Supervisors should also be notified about food allergies as training will be necessary in the event of an allergic reaction. People around an allergic worker should know how to respond should a reaction occur. Food allergies can lead to seizures and a rapid drop in blood pressure that need prompt attention, even before emergency responders can help. If people working around the area do not know how to respond to a medical emergency properly, it may be result in more serious health consequences. Food allergies can prove fatal so it is wise to have everyone in the workplace on the same page as to how to help in prevention and during emergencies.