Multiple sclerosis is an unpredictable condition that can affect sufferers in a vastly different way from one person to the next. Physical activity including exercise and physical therapies are an often-recommended method for easing the symptoms of MS and keeping patients as mobile for as long as possible. While exercise is good for the body and the mind, those dealing with multiple sclerosis may be limited in what they can do which can be frustrating and potentially dangerous.


No one should ever start a new exercise routine without the prior consultation of their medical provider. Those with multiple sclerosis have to be particularly cautious before regularly exercising due to their condition. Some patients may feel dizzy or weak during any physical exertion and they will need to be careful when exercising so they are not subjected to a dangerous fall.


Some patients with MS will overheat faster than others. During intense exercises, their body can overheat and cause sickness. It will be important to follow the advice of your doctor at all times for exercising properly while understanding your own limitations. MS patients should also be selective in choosing which kind of exercise is best for them. Some may prefer regular cardio activity while others would benefit from lower impact exercises including swimming or yoga.


Exercise is an important part of good health. Even if you have been diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, it doesn’t mean you are no longer able to be physically active. As the condition progresses, it may become more difficult to perform tasks you usually do. When symptoms worsen it can be easy to become depressed and frustrated by your disability. Staying in touch with your medical provider can help identify potential mental or physical health issues before they become a more serious problem.


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