Holiday heart syndrome may be a term you are not exactly familiar with but it can seriously impact your life. Holiday heart syndrome was a condition recognized in 1978. A study was conducted to analyze the effects of binge drinking during the holidays. The patients in the study consumed large quantities of alcohol during weekends and holidays. Holiday heart syndrome was defined as the acute cardiac rhythm disruptions connected to the heavy use of alcohol in a short period of time.


Rhythmic disorders of the heart such as atrial fibrillation can be a symptom of holiday heart syndrome. In most cases, patients suffering from the condition did not otherwise have heart problems before the binge drinking episode. Subsequently, the symptoms went away after a period of abstinence from alcohol. Marijuana use can also result in the holiday heart condition.


Healthy people are susceptible to holiday heart syndrome and can also experience rapid, irregular heartbeats that lead to dizziness, fainting, and fatigue. They may mistake the symptoms of other medical problems causing panic. Those who experience the symptoms of holiday heart syndrome may not be able to decipher whether the symptoms are serious or not. Some may relate the symptoms to other things including indigestion.


To help discern whether you are experiencing effects of holiday heart syndrome, you should cease the use of alcohol and stop eating right away. Take a break and sit or lie down to see if symptoms pass and your heartbeat returns to normal. If you continue to experience the erratic heartbeats for longer than five minutes, it is in your best interest to contact medical assistance to ensure you are not experiencing other heart or health problems which can prove more dangerous including heart attacks and strokes.