Businesses hire workers and expect them to report to the job and perform their duties on schedule each day. Depending on the nature of work, there may be some environments where stress is an everyday factor and coming to work is more of a chore than a pleasure. When workers are feeling burnt out and underappreciated, they tend to lose their motivation on the job. The lack of motivation likely will result in the business as a whole suffering a loss of productivity and profitability.


While employers are only required to do so much to stay within regulations, there are many well-known and well-respected company owners that have gone above and beyond protocol for employee management. Many have become infamous for their out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to employee incentives. As a result, these companies have grown exponentially and have become the most sought after companies to work for including Google, Zappos, and Microsoft.


These companies offer company perks and quirks most employers will not including free gourmet food, flexible working schedules, casual atmosphere, and a lot of other incentives no usually considered by employers. These perks also include fun time while at work where employees can de-stress and socialize with co-workers. This goes a long way to improving communications and relations with employees on the whole.


Happy worker generally means happy company. Employees not facing constant stress in the workplace are able to focus on work and what needs to be done. They may be more willing to go the extra mile to help others when they are not irritated or frustrated. Workers will certainly appreciate the extra steps employers take to make the environment a happier one. Incentives on the job can also keep people on the job which is good for business. Limited turnover means less waste and more profit for businesses.