OSHA imposed thousands of dollars in fines that are the result of violations of safety standards on retail giant Walmart but the violations are not something new. Walmart has been cited for similar violations over the years and safety risks do not seem to be improving in some locations.

While the fines for the retailer may be a drop in the bucket, the hazards are serious business for the employees working in unhealthy, unsafe conditions. Lack of safety training can have serious consequences when something happens and co-workers do not know how to help themselves or their fellow people on the floor.

Another concern of OSHA investigators was the multiple fall hazards found in the workplace. As falls are a leading cause of workplace injuries and on the job deaths, these allegations are serious concerns for workers when the citations go unrepaired.

OSHA issued citations for a lack of safety precautions and improper training for personal protective equipment. Specifically, Walmart locations were found to have failed at providing proper eyewear and face protection in addition to lacking safety training exercises.

These neglectful issues by Walmart or any employer can be devastating if you should be injured or even killed while on the job. An employer often tries cutting corners to save on expenses by cutting out important health and safety measures. Employees are often too scared to say anything when they know what is wrong on the job and many will keep their mouth shut in order to keep their jobs.

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