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The Disability Guys are proud to announce the launch of our exclusive VIP Club.
VIP members are given special privileges and access to legal services, as well as automatic entry into our contests and giveaways! Members also get a special VIP Hotline (855) 946-1452 to call the firm.


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As a Disability Guys™ VIP Member, your card benefits include:


Free Notary Service

No more long lines or silly fees at the bank. We will happily notarize your documents for free at our White Plains office. Contact [email protected] ahead of time or call our VIP hot-line (855) 946-1452, to make sure a notary is available.


A Free Lost Key Tag Program

Your key tags have already been preregistered, and all you need to do is place them on your keys. If for some reason you lose your keys and somebody sends them in, we will contact you right away.

free-15-minute-legal-consultationFree 15 Minute Legal Consultation

Sometimes all someone needs to do is chat with a lawyer. We want to hear your story. No need to call one of those “lawyer referral companies” or even hire a different attorney. As a VIP Member we will happily speak to you about any legal matter, and if it is not a legal matter that we personally handle, we will be sure to refer you to an experienced attorney who can help you.


Free Rewards Program

As a VIP Member, you will automatically be entitled to access to our online coupon and discount program designed exclusively for you. It provides real discounts to nationally recognized companies such as Best Buy™, Modells™ and AMC™ Movie Theaters. We know that having been in an accident or have had legal troubles, that a little time to get away or get a discount can be helpful. Login here.


Free Insurance Policy Review

If you got injured, would your insurance cover you?  What if someone got hurt at your house or your business?  Would your auto insurance properly cover you and others?  Find out ahead of time before an accident happens.  Fax us a copy of your insurance policy (914-462-4024) we will review it and provide you with some answers.


Free Entry Into The Disability Guys™ Contests

Here at The Disability Guys™ we like to provide giveaways and contests several times a year.  As a hand selected VIP Member you will automatically be entered in to each and every giveaway. Good luck!

Here at The Disability Guys™ we cherish our core values of family, learning, success, serenity, fun, consciousness, integrity, communication and health… and what better way to give back to the community and those who have helped us to succeed than through a free membership program for our closest friends!

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