The New York State Workers Compensation Board announced last week it has made changes to the way venue change requests are handled concerning workers compensation hearings. The Board stated that all requests to change the venue must now be submitted in writing by the claimants. A senior judge in the case must then approve the written request.


SWCB Chairman Robert Beloten has the authority to set the locations and the times for claims hearings as dictated by Workers Compensation Law Section 141. The current practice for hearings is to schedule them in the district where the claimant lives or in any county designated by the claimant if they are not a resident of the State of New York.


The Board’s rules also require a senior law judge to provide a written decision for the change of venue hearing whether the request is approved or denied. The senior judge must also provide a reason for the venue change if the request is approved.


Every hearing will involving public authorities, municipal corporations, or public benefit corporations must be held in the district in which the employer is located.